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Our students are ambitious and creative with a thirst to know more. At Bucknell University, we bring together the brilliant minds of today who will define the innovations of tomorrow.

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We're looking for students with the drive to discover new truths and invent new possibilities.

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  • 酸酸乳ssr网站: Applications open
  • Nov. 15, 2020: EDI application and CSS Profile financial aid application due
  • Mid-December 2020: EDI admissions decisions released and EDI financial aid award letters mailed
  • Mid-January 2021: Enrollment deposits due for students admitted through Early Decision I


  • 酸酸乳节点网站: Applications open
  • Jan. 15, 2021: EDII application and CSS Profile financial aid application due
  • Mid-February 2021: EDII admissions decisions released and EDII financial aid award letters mailed
  • Early March 2021: Enrollment deposits due for students admitted through Early Decision II

Regular Decision Dates and Deadlines

  • Aug. 1, 2020: Applications open
  • Jan. 15, 2021: RD application and CSS Profile financial aid application due
  • By April 1, 2021: RD admissions decisions released and financial aid award letters mailed
  • 酸酸乳分享社区: RD deposit due

Bucknell at a Glance

  • Undergraduate students

  • Students who receive need-based financial aid from Bucknell

    52 %
  • Students who receive financial aid of some kind

    60 %
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Coronavirus and Your Academic Record

Bucknell understands that a student's educational opportunities have been disrupted by COVID-19. We want prospective students to know they won't be at a disadvantage because of how their high school chose to finish the spring 2020 semester. We've adjusted our admissions policies in the following ways:

  • Expanding our test optional policy for the 2020-21 application cycle to include home school and international students.
  • Accepting the Duolingo English Test for international students for whom English is not the first language or whose primary language of instruction for at least three years of secondary school was not English.
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  • Understanding that high schools across the globe handled the pandemic differently. This may include various methods of instruction, grading and alterations to school calendars. The Admissions Office understands this and will continue to evaluate each student in the context of their high school. No student will be at a disadvantage for how their school decided to continue their education.
  • Understanding that spring extracurricular opportunities were cancelled. Further, we understand that summer opportunities were largely cancelled or greatly altered given how each community considered how to handle the pandemic. Students will not be penalized or disadvantaged for their extracurricular activities being different than what they were before the pandemic.
  • Understanding that, given all of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it is okay to focus on your mental health, your family and the things that bring you joy. 



Tour the Campus

  • 酸酸乳免费订阅地址

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    Engage, Play, Relax

    Explore the heart of campus

    With its sweeping views of the Susquehanna River Valley and Appalachian Mountains, Malesardi Quad is where Bucknell students have some of their most memorable experiences.

    Take the tour
  • Occupied student dorm room

    Vedder Hall

    Live & Learn

    Vedder Hall is one of several residence halls on campus where first-year students live. In later years, students can choose suite- and apartment-style living, themed Affinity Houses, Greek life housing or traditional residence halls.

    Take the tour
  • Students in ELC hearth space

    Elaine Langone Center

    Eat, Study, Collaborate

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